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CARDIOGRAPHS in the first quarter of 2014

In the first quarter of 2014, Russia imported electrocardiographs under the code TN VED 9018110000 for the amount of $5,36 mln., which is more than 3 times less than in the same period in 2013 ($18,4 mln.). As the analysis shows, the inhibition of cardiographs purchasing in Russia began in the second half of 2013. Thus, in the second half of 2013, the volume of cardiographs import was less for more than a half times than in the first half, although usually the volume of import in the first half is a third of the annual volume of import. Cardiographs from Switzerland make 28% of the total volume of the Russian import.

The rating of countries-exporters of cardiographs:

1. Switzerland - $1,548 thous. 2. USA - $999,6 thous. 3. Japan - $789 thous. 4. Italy - $604 thous. 5. China - $342 thous. 6. Korea - $244 thous.

The first three leaders did not change compared with 2013. China moved from 4th place to 5th.

The leaders among the firms-manufacturers are Schiller AG, Mortara Instrument and Fukuda Denshi. We can also note such famous manufacturers as Nihon Kohden (Japan), Suzuken (Japan), General Electric (USA, India) and Yutas (Ukraine).

The Japanese manufacturer Fukuda Denshi supplied three-channel electrocardiographs FX-7102 and FCP-7101 models both Japanese and Chinese assembly as well as six-channel FX-7202 and FX-8222 (FX-7302 is no longer available) and 12-channel FX-8322 and FX-8322R. Fukuda Denshi is the leader in supplies of electrocardiographs from China. Fukuda accounts for one third of all cardiographs delivered to Russia from China. Fukuda is followed by Kaden Yasen Medical Electrinics Ci., Ltd. and Shenzhen Biocare Electronics Co., Ltd. Besides the stated Chinese manufacturers, we should note Edan Instruments, M&B and Carewell. The import volume of cardiographs in the first half of 2014 is in total lower than for the same period of 2013.

The average amount of 3 largest contracts is $397 thous.

Chinese cardiographs, unlike the Chinese ultrasound scanners, have so far been insufficiently estimated. If the leading Chinese manufacturer of medical equipment – the firm Mindray takes the 2nd place in the supply of ultrasound scanners to Russia, in the rating of suppliers of electrocardiographs the Chinese manufacturers take the place at the end of a dozen of the leading foreign manufacturers. However, the outstanding technical, user and cost characteristics of some Chinese cardiographs shall change the situation in a short time.

Among such cardiographs should be noted the model SE-3 of the leading Chinese manufacturer of electrocardiographs – the firm Edan Instruments. Some characteristics of this 3-channel cardiograph are given below:

  • color display with an adjustable angle of inclination;
  • internal memory – 500 ECG;
  • six feeding speeds of 80 mm wide thermal paper;
  • OFF-Auto and OFF-RHYT modes of paperless viewing of ECG curves;
  • duplication of interpretation results in the form of its own diagnostic codes Advanced Miinnesota Code and other parameters typical for the high class ECG apparatuses.


The export volume amounted to $465 thous. Half of this amount is the re-export of mainly Mortara cardiographs.

The Russian manufacturers OOO “NPP Monitor”, OOO “Medical computer systems”, “Geolink-Electronics”, OAO Concern “Aksion”, Neurosoft and other manufacturers supplied their products to Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Moldova, South Ossetia, USA, France, Hungary and other countries.

The average amount of 3 largest contracts is $43 thous.